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Who's Your One is a church-wide evangelism initiative that promotes sharing the good news of Jesus with one person in your life. Evangelism can be tricky to discuss. We know we are supposed to share Jesus but we either don't know how or don't know where to start. The goal of WY1 is that we would each pick one person in our life (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) who doesn't know Jesus. We will then purposefully engage them 1) by praying for them on a regular basis, 2) seeking to spend intentional time with them, and 3) sharing the message of the gospel: what Jesus has accomplished through his death and resurrection. It is our prayer that through your efforts with your one we will see more people in our area come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Sunday Mornings at 10:00AM

August 22nd: From Come and See to Go and Tell (Matthew 28)

August 29th: If Our Church No Longer Existed Would Falls City Care? (Ephesians 3)

September 5th: Pray for Open Doors & Wise Living (Colossians 4)

EQUIP Monday Nights at 6:00PM

August 23rd: Before You Share Your Faith (TGC Talk by Matt Smethurst)

August 30th: Practical Evangelism Tips


WY1 Resources

30-Day Prayer Guide

40-Day Devotional

Practical Evangelism Tips

Lock Screens


Evangelism Resources

Don't Overcomplicate Evangelism Article

Before You Share Your Faith Talk